Welcome to The Official AWC website! 

We are a gaming clan, initially founded on Halo Reach in November 2010. We can now be found on any Halo Title that supports cross-play, along with multiple other gaming titles such as Destiny, GTA, Warframe and much more.

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Our Motto!

Our motto: Fair play. We don’t believe in having an unfair advantage. We treat all our members evenly; we give advice, but never bully them. Our clan isn’t about “superiority”, but about fairness, freedom and justice.

We fight for this cause, and keep our clan’s name shining. We fight for freedom.


Join the AWC


We are always welcoming new recruits on any of our supported titles. To know more information, be sure to check out each game's supported title page for more information. If you wish to apply straight away, visit the “Enlist Now” page found on the side menu. Don’t forget to register on the site by clicking on “Sign In/Register” in the Navigation Menu located on the left (Or in the menu button for mobile devices).